Connecting Children to Their Roots

May 31, 2023


Antiquarian member, Kris Michell , and Elmore
Elementary School Principal, Stacy Norman,
prepare to introduce artifacts from life over 100
years ago on the west side of the Fox River in
Northeast Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, Elmore Elementary School students gathered in the gym to learn
about the history of their community and the family who was very instrumental in the building
of the old Fort Howard area and the city of Green Bay. Elmore Elementary School was
presented with additional artifacts of the Elmore family to add to three new display cases in
the main lobby area. The original display was unveiled in 2015  by the Antiquarians.
The Antiquarian Society loaned artifacts included Mary Field Elmore’s skirt and jacket from
the early 1850s, family photos, samplers, including one completed in 1833, embroidered
handkerchiefs, pillowcases, Miss Augusta Elmore’s handwritten calling card and a small
leather purse.
The Antiquarian’s Artifacts Committee chose this school as its first project to bring artifacts
out of storage and into the local community. The goal is to connect neighborhoods with their
history and develop a sense of pride within their community.
Mary Elmore was a teacher in southeastern Wisconsin before the Elmore family moved to the
banks of the Fox River. Andrew Elmore was a very successful businessman in Wisconsin.
James Elmore, the son of Andrew and May Elmore, was the first mayor of the combined
village of Fort Howard and city of Green Bay. He was credited with building a new high
school on the west side of the river. With the strong commitment to education by the Elmore
family, it was only fitting to bring their artifacts to the school named for Andrew Elmore.
Many thanks to Kris Michell who put the project together, Susan Kraft who was responsible
for initiating the original research, Mary Jane Skarphol whose determination saved many of
these artifacts, and members of the Elmore Project Sherry Steffel and Sandy Selissen.
For more, WLUK-TV 11 and WFRV-TV 5 provide interviews.