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Our April luncheon will mark the last luncheon of the century!  For 99 years, we have enjoyed quarterly luncheons in many places.  Since its opening in 1924, the Hotel Northland has been an important part of that history.  Now, three years after their multi-million dollar renovation and re-opening, we are back and will close our first century at the Crystal Ballroom of the hotel . . . where every important community occasion was traditionally held year after Walter Schroeder opened its doors.

We are excited about our program! As we look back on our history and contributions, we are delighted to welcome the Mount Mary University School of Fashion and Design and a trunk showing,  Making A Statement: Politics, Social Change, and What We Wore.  Fashion is often more than the garment itself.  It is a point where popular clothing intersects with social and political empowerment – the flapper and Betty Boop were far more than cute clothes.  Out went Scarlett O’Hara’s 17″ waistline and the S-silhouette, the Victorian corsets, and the Pigeon-breast Edwardian look. Fashion freed women to move into a new world, a reflection of Women’s Movement and winning suffrage.

We are excited to welcome Ashley Brooks, Mount Mary’s Fashion Department Chair and designer and Executive Fellow in Fashion, Donna Ricco.  They will present specially chosen garments from Mount Mary’s fashion archives of over 10,000 pieces from the 18th century to the present.  The MMU Fashion Department has  curated exhibits at Ten Chimneys, the Milwaukee  Museum of Art and the State Historical Society.  For more information on the collection, Google “Mount Mary University Fashion Archives.”

Reservations required.  For more information see the EVENTS section of the website.