About Us

We are one of the nation’s oldest member-based philanthropic organizations, dedicated to holding and preserving in community trust for future generations its most valuable cultural and historic items, art, and artifacts.

Our Mission Statement

The aim and purpose of this organization is to hold, purchase, preserve and acquire antiquities and the real estate to perpetuate the history of the locality surrounding Green Bay and the State of Wisconsin.

Our HistorY

In 1923, community leaders watched as more and more artifacts made their way out of the community and into the hands of private owners throughout the nation.  It was then that a group of women banded together to make certain that our heritage did not slip away and would be available for generations to come that they would know their roots.


The Cotton House, located on the grounds of Heritage Hill Historic Park, is one of the sites where you will find artifacts belonging to the Antiquarians and on loan to the park.